Ion Alloy IB02 Semi Wheels, Tires, and Adapters 22.5″ or Cut 22″

  We have these Ion Alloy IB02 Semi Wheels Brand New Gloss Black and Milled 22.5″x8.25″ in a 10×285 bolt pattern. These can be cut to 22″ for those who want it. We have adapters to convert the 10 lug to

8×6.5 for Chevy 3500 or Dodge Ram 3500 and 8×200 for Ford F350 or F450. The tires are by Delinte 285/45-22 XL 32.1″ tall 2601 lbs per tire. The price for every is $3988.00 shipped complete!

Call with any questions
(909) 245-1165
Mon-Sat: 9am – 5pm (PST)


Order here

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