Dually rims wheels Ford Dodge and Chevy

I am JK Motorsports, I have sold more duallys in a single retail location then probably any one in the country, I specialize in American Eagle 20″ dually, Fuel Offroad dually wheels, Vision Heavy hauler Dually wheels, I have sold hundreds of 19.5 dually wheels and have extensive knowledge in applications, which tires work best for your needs, and what are most common in todays market, weather your looking for 19.5 semi wheels to get the longevity of 80 to 100 thousand miles and the extra load carrying capscity to the 20″ market that dives dually owners more tire options for lifted or lowered applications I may be able to help you make the right decision for your dually needs, please contact me and visit our website and let me know any questions you may have, from Chevy 3500 HD, Dodge Ram 3500 and Ford F350 and F450 duallys I have sold wheels and tires for all of them, thank you for visiting.

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